Upcoming Nirak Poudel-directorial to be called Rose

Upcoming Nirak Poudel-directorial to be called Rose

Upcoming Nirak Poudel-directorial to be called Rose

Aug 19, 2018-After the family of Roji Maharjan, who was murdered in 2011, objected, the producers of the upcoming feature film Rose has changed its title.

Previously the film was titled Rosy. Roji Maharjan, a 22-year old Lalitpur native was found murdered in the forests of Nallu in Lalitpur in August, 2011.

Roji’s parents, Govinda Maharjan and Nanimaiya Maharjan, had protested the film’s name saying that the film’s title and story is similar to the story of Roji.

The name of the film was changed after the producers complied after a trilateral meeting between Roji’s family and the officials from the Film Development Board.

The producers have also agreed to not mention that the film is based on a true story.

“Even though we were legally right to name the film so, we have now changed the film’s name in honour of the sentiments of the family of Maharjan,” the film’s director, Nirak Poudel, said.

“We in no way want to gloss over the sentiments of the Maharjan family to make money.”

Poudel further said that he was unaware about Rosy’s murder before the film was shot. “After the Maharjan family said they had issues with it, I researched about the case. Because the film’s content is not similar to the murder, we went with the initial title,” Poudel said.

Produced under the banner of Gopi Krishna Movies, Rose feature actors Pradeep Khadka, Paramita RL Rana, Karma and Miruna Magar, among others, in the lead roles.

The film will release nationwide on September 7.

Source The Kathmandu Post

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