World children’s literature now in Nepali

World children’s literature now in Nepali

World children’s literature now in Nepali

Jul 31, 2018-A two-day “book translation event” took place this week in Kathmandu where participants translated various children’s books written in English into Nepali.

The 80 participants at the event consisted of academics, authors, editors, librarians, teachers, volunteers and students who over the two days translated 60 children’s books.

The translated works will now be uploaded in the online book reading platform Let’s Read! Digital Library. The books will be made available for free to all online readers.

The event also featured author Vinay Kasajoo’s key note speech, titled Children’s Books Writing, Editor’s Role Explanation and Best Practices of Translating Children’s Stories.

The event was organised by The Asia Foundation—a non-profit working towards “improving lives across a dynamic and developing Asia”—as part of the organisation’s Book for Asia Program.

According to a note released by the organisers, their latest venture, the platform Let’s Read! Digital Library, aims to “bridge the gap between information rich and information poor, providing (sic) easy access of reading materials to all, enhancing knowledge of the students, children, parents and educators.”

The translated works, once published, can be accessed via, which as of now has over 1300 volumes from around the world including Nepali stories and their translated versions.

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