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Jul 28, 2018-We all know where this country is heading when we have sexist folks like our former Law Minister and the mundrey byapari who has studied only until the eighth grade but has managed to amass a fortune worth hundreds of Karods are engaged in politics.

Not all ministers are well educated or joined politics to serve the people but if you are the Law Minister then first you should know a thing or two about legal matters. You cannot just attend a programme for SEE students and then say such degrading stuff like how our daughters have to sell themselves to become medical doctors. And you really don’t have to be a PhD wallah to know that you should not accuse anybody of anything unless you have the evidence to back your claims.

If whatever our mantri said was true then our Oli government should have sent a high-level delegation to Bangladesh to ask the government there to investigate such matters. But here in this great land of ours, our thulo mancheys can speak whatever they like because they know that they can get away with it.

Sher Bahadur Tamang has resigned but he still acts like it were no big deal and he was speaking the truth about women who study medicine in Bangladesh. We hear that Oli uncle asked him to resign and if that’s how our ministers continue to act then most probably, we will have new ministers every month. And Oli has also promised to dismiss his mantris if they don’t know how to use laptops for the cabinet meetings. Yes, buy all our mantris laptops from, Apple and waste our taxpayers money when you can get cheaper laptops for less than two-third.

And will our mantris return the laptop back to the government when they are done being mantris or will be used by their near and dear ones?

Durga Prasai, a former mundrey and now a byapari, tells our patrakars that female students are raped by professors in foreign lands. He is not a public figure and doesn’t have to resign from any position but where are our women organisations and Ama Samuhas who seem to not care how men in this land can go around degrading our women?

It doesn’t matter if you belong to the same political party but it’s a shame that women leaders and cadres from our greatest communist party on Earth are silent when our comrades tell lies to the world about female students studying medicine in Bangladesh. Where are our young women netas like Bina Magar, Nabina Lama and Ramkumari Jhakri? Why do they remain silent when their own comrades act like ignorant sexist buffoons?

Durga Dai is a success story Nepali-style, not due to hard work and perseverance but due to gundaraj and then close association with so-called thulo netas of a political party. This is the guy who claims to have beaten teachers and many others in his youth.

He tells us that this country owes him a great deal because he was able to unite two great leaders of two different communist parties by feeding them ‘Marsi’ rice. Yes, he should get a medal from our President next year and if he happens to go to jail in the future then get a Presidential pardon as well. Yes, anything is possible in this Republic where our politicians care more about three dozen byaparis rather than thirty million people.

It doesn’t matter if you are a high school dropout or two PhDs holder. You can be successful in life without the need of any academic certificates. Durga is a man who doesn’t know how to speak but acts like your neighbourhood mundrey don. How on Earth did this man amass such wealth in less than a decade that he now runs a medical and teaching hospital in Jhapa?

Yes, we are happy that Dr KC has ended his hunger strike for now. Our incompetent government waited nearly a month before agreeing to meet our crazy authoritarian doctor’s demands. But we will have to see if this government will keep its promises or once again show its true colours.  Dear Oli dai, if you say you are a communist then be a true communist. Why on Earth should the government buy off private hospitals? If we are a nation run by great communists then we should all get free healthcare, free education and also a free visit to the neuro hospital for Durga Dai!

Oli tells us that he is not happy with INGOs, NGOs and foreign missions interfering in our domestic policies. I think someone should remind our Prime Monster that bideshis will continue to interfere in our country because our politicians beg for everything from them while common folks go overseas and earn a few Ringgits and Dinars by working instead of begging.

We expected a lot from this government. And what have we gotten so far? We are now more than happy to pay more taxes on everything while we get nothing in return. Yes, we need to feed the hungry 884 great lawmakers in this land and many more civil servants once our provinces get their things in order. Welcome to New Nepal, where you will continue to pay double and triple the taxes while getting not even a paisa worth of development works in your area. So don’t blame the government for everything and expect them to fix up this country.  Just buy raincoats and gumboots and be safe and stay at least 100 feet away from Durga Dai! v

Source The Kathmandu Post

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