PM Oli touts Pokhara for ‘film city’

PM Oli touts Pokhara for ‘film city’

PM Oli touts Pokhara for ‘film city’

Jul 24, 2018-While the prospect of establishing a ‘film city’ in Nepal has been talked about for a decade or more, with the ultimate aim of roping in production houses from Bollywood and beyond to shoot film in the backdrop of the beautiful vistas of the country, plans have yet to materialise. Addressing the Gandaki provincial parliament in Pokhara, Prime Minister KP Oli has declared the government plans to establish a film city in Pokhara and that a team of Indian professionals is coming to Nepal this week to study the feasibility of establishing the required infrastructure in the Lake City.

The team, according to the PM, will be led by Subhash Ghai, the famed director and chairperson of Zee Cinema.

“I have asked them to look for locations around here,” Oli said. “I think the most viable space for a film city lies in the Gandaki province.”

According to Oli, the team will also pay visits to locations around Tanahun and Gorkha.

“If we can establish a film city, then within two years we could see visible change,” Oli said. “From Mumbai, one can merely see seas, but from here, one can also see mountains and lakes. It’s not for nothing that Amitabh Bachchan came here to shoot his films.”

Prior to this, Dolakha was proposed to host the film city, but PM Oli said that the district was not apt to host such a facility because of its weather.

Source  Ekantipur

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