Suresh Hachekali’s ‘Prithvi Sawai’ released

Suresh Hachekali’s ‘Prithvi Sawai’ released

Suresh Hachekali’s ‘Prithvi Sawai’ released

Poet Suresh Hachekali has released his third anthology of poems, “Prithvi Sawai” amid a program organized by Nepali Banmaya Parishad and Rawa Sawa Academic Society on Saturday in the Capital.

The anthology of poems was unveiled by Chancellor of Nepal Academy Ganga Prasad Upetri.

Speaking at the program, Upreti said that preparations are on for the arrangement of the identity cards to the litterateurs. “A day will come when any writers of Nepal can show their identity cards with a pride if the project of the Academy becomes successful,” he said.

Poet Shrawan Mukarung, speaking in the program, opined that Hachekali’s poems have proficiently presented the contextualization of myths. He said, “This is one of the special features of Hachekali.”

Litterateur Momila Joshi and Critic Dr. Tara Lal Shrestha critically commented on the poetry collection.

Stating that Hachekali, who has been contributing his effort from the past two decades continuously, although creating poems has been a difficult subject, Momila said that Hachekali has thus created admirable poems. “Hachekali’s poems have represented the ecological crisis and also presented the issues of women’s rights in a precise manner.’ Dr. Shrestha said that the voices of marginalized communities can be found in Hachekali’s poems.

Poet Manjul and Jasha Raj Kiranti delivered welcome speech in the program that was attended by various litterateurs including Bam Baniya, publishers of the anthology– Ghanashyam Pokharel, Namita Neupane Pokharel–, and lyricist Tika Chamling, among others.

The program was chaired by the President of Nepali Bangmaya Parishad Shashi Lumumbu.

Hachekali’s anthology of poems includes 32 poems.

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