Phujel murder accused surrenders

Phujel murder accused surrenders

Phujel murder accused surrenders

Chhabi Lal Paudel, the main accused in murder of Krishna Prasad Adhikari of Phujel, Gorkha, has surrendered before the Supreme Court (SC) on Sunday.

Paudel has been sent to Dilli Bazar Jail, according to police sources.

Adhikari’s mother Ganga Maya Adhikari is also currently fasting at the Bir Hospital demanding justice.

Chitwan District Court earlier had ordered Paudel be released on bail. The then Patan Appellate Court had upheld the verdict.

But the Adhikari family then moved the SC which in January 2015 ordered that Paudel be kept in custody for investigation of the case.

Paudel has surrendered now due to the pressure created by  Gangamaya’s fast-onto-death for implementation of that order given by the joint bench of Justices Girish Chandra Lal and Deepak Raj Joshi.

Adhikari’s father Nanda Prasad Adhikari died on September 22, 2014 during fast-unto-death demanding justice. Krishna Prasad Adhikari, then a teenager from Phujel-7 of Gorkha district with no involvement in politics, was allegedly killed by the then rebel Maoist cadres including Paudel in Chitwan on June 6, 2004.

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